Claire Michelle


i am claire. michelle is my middle name. it is also my mother’s name, which i inherited after she gave birth to me at home in the midst of a spring snow storm in colorado on march 7, 1998.  i hope to be half the badass she is someday. i am fairly sure there isn’t a single logical bone in my body. nearly every decision i make is guided by my heart over my head. i am a sliver of eternity awakening into its divine nature through this form. which also happens to currently be the body of a 21 year old human being. i am beautifully broken. bruised by the imperfect nature of my being. i’ve come to realize that peace lingers in your messiest places. she haunts the emptiness that weighs heavily inside your heart. she creeps down the corridors of your veins, gently stitching love into your skin no matter how many times you attempt to separate yourself from her unconditional tenderness. you are love. i am love. we are one. it is my hope to simply be your reflection. to mirror to you the light and dark that exists within all living creatures. so that you can come to see the beauty in everything. thank you for being. this is only our beginning.

Sky Bear Bubnis


Bear was born in Hawaii on the north shore of Kauai in the Wainiha valley. Sponsored by one of the top surfing corporations at the age of 8 he began his competitive surfing career. From 8 to 18 he spent his life traveling around the world competing professionally in surfing. At the age of 19 he fell in love with martial arts and began to compete in MMA or mixed martial arts. From Martial Arts he found Ashtanga Yoga and began his life long journey as a Yogi. Yoga opened the door for bear to a higher state of conscious living inspiring him to dive deep into learning about health and wellbeing. After years of study Bear began his work as a peak performance specialist focusing on bio hacking, flow states and performance transformation/optimization. After owning and operating his first company Kaua`i Adventure Fitness, he wanted to give back to the community, in particular supporting the children of his community. He then started a non-profit organization called Na Keiki o Halele`a  that's goal was to help children find a healthy path in life, similar to the path that freed him of his struggles, allowing children to connect with themselves and their purpose. He spent the last four years running the organization which inspired him to begin to build an international platform to serve children throughout the world. With his passion for people Bear joined Allie to create Transpire and to share his knowledge with a community of like minded people to help Inspire and uplift the lives of those he encounters.  

Allie Michelle


Allie Michelle was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She started teaching yoga at the age of 18, and has since trained in meditation, craniosacral therapy, reiki, and yoga nidra. She continues to lead several workshops in California and Transpire retreats around the world supporting people in their deepest transformation. Allie recently released her first poetry collection, “Explorations of a Cosmic Soul,” that explores the many different layers of consciousness and hit #1 in poetry in Amazon. She has interviewed some of the top people in the wellness field on her podcast, “Your Own Magic.” Allie has dedicated the past four years of her life to studying balance and overall wellness for the mind, body, and spirit. Transpire was born out of a desire to create a community of transformation and support.