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Fill out our questionnaire and application below. We want to take care of you by creating a safe space of like-minded individuals. The intentions of the group largely influence how we design our retreats! 

There are a limited number of spots available. Therefore, our team will review all applications and select the applicants that meet certain criteria.   



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What are you looking to experience in this retreat? How can we be of service to you?
What’s your “why” in life, what inspires you?
What emotion is most difficult for you to express, is there something specific you’re looking to heal in your life?
Do you experience any physical, mental, or emotional ailments that you need support with?
Close your eyes and take ten deep breaths. Let go of fear with each exhale and imagine a dream in your mind. The dream that is most important to your heart. What is this dream?
Have you had any yoga or meditation experience, or been on a retreat before? (Totally okay if not.) If so, what has your experience been?
Do you tend to be more introverted or extroverted? How are group settings for you?
What is something you have always wanted to try that is outside your comfort zone?
What is your diet like? Do you have any food allergies?
Have you ever been convicted of a felony? If so what was it for?
Have you been diagnosed with any mental illness or disabilities?
What are your expectations from the Transpire Retreat experience?
On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the least what is your level of fitness?
Tell us a little about yourself?
If your application is approved what package would be for you?